Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Bad Day

Today was a difficult day for everyone!  It started first thing in the morning, my students would not stop talking and wiggling!  It didn't help that I was tired.  Last week was such an off week with all the snow days and delays that we were all having a hard time getting into the swing of things.  During our morning language arts centers I had to do the middle of the year Dominie testing.  I put my assistant in charge of the center rotations and she did her best, but somehow things got messed up and kids were all over the place!  I wanted to pull my hair out!  By the time we did math in the afternoon I was on a short fuse.  I had been yelling all day long and I had enough.  In the middle of my lesson, I threw my hands up and walked out of the room for a good ten minutes!  I knew that my assistant was giving them a talking to.  When I got back my kids behaved for about five minutes and then it was back to the talking and wiggling.  I guess these days are bound to happen from time to time, I just hope they don't happen very often.

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