Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Week I Fell In Love!

Every year I meet new children that touch my heart.  I have my favorite classes and my favorite students from over the years, but I fall in love with every student every year.  This year is no exception!  I have only had my new babies for two days, but I am so in love!  So far I have eleven little smiling faces in my class and I haven't had any bad behaviors yet!  I have had to redirect some behaviors such as running, talking about farts and poop, calling people "Bruh", and talking during rest time, but that is to be expected when working with four year olds.  It amazes me how deep the human heart is.  It seems to have a limitless capacity to hold love.  I've had some years where I thought my heart would burst with joy and love, but it just keeps expanding. I mentioned that I only have eleven students, and that's what makes me nervous.  My program requires me to have twenty students and therefore, I know that nine more kiddos with be joining me.  I am fearful that the new kids will be my problem children.  Last year I had a class FULL of difficult behaviors, and I feel like this year is starting off too good to be true!  Let's hope that God is rewarding me for making it through such a tough year.

Another AMAZING thing happened to me this year.  I got a new assistant!!!!  My assistant has been working with me for about two weeks, but she has brought so much "Joy" into my job!  I wish I could mention her name, but I haven't asked her permission, so I'll just say she is very Joy-ful.  She has gone above and beyond all of my expectations so far.  She is young, smart, funny, and very hard working.  I enjoy talking to her, joking around, and laughing throughout the day.  The students seem to like her so far as well.  She has no problem redirecting behaviors, and following through with consequences she sets.  Sometimes I have to remind her that our children are only four years old, and have never been to school before, but I think she'll be just fine!

I am super excited about this school year.  I have so many ideas and I feel SO good!  I haven't felt like this in a long time.  I actually wake up looking forward to going to work.  I went to a workshop the first week back about writers workshop for pre-k.  It was so eye opening and I cannot wait to begin the program in my class.  Last year I was so miserable that I didn't do awesome things...and I am a pretty awesome person, so that was a little out of character for me!  This year my team is planning new and exciting field trips, making plans for parent involvement, getting special guests into our classrooms, and having a spectacular year!

I'd like to end this post with some funny things I've heard so far, from kids and adults.

Student: I'm different
Me: You are?
Students: Yes, I'm from the future.

Me: I have some at my house.
Student: You have a house?
Me: Yes.
Student: I didn't know teachers had houses.
Me: Where did you think we lived?
Student:.....I don't know

Student: Hey Bruh! What's up?
My assistant: His name is not Bruh.

Student high fives me, puts up to fingers and says "Deuces!"

Insurance agent: So, it says here that you signed up in Oh-Ten. (He said this twice...I laughed out loud both times)

Fire Safety answering machine: Thank you for calling and have a fire safe day!