Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Uncertain Future

If you have read any of my posts, you know that I adore my students and absolutely LOVE my job.  The school year is almost over and I have had some ups and downs during my first year.  Initially I was overwhelmed.  I felt as if I had no support system and I really had no idea what I was doing.  I did my best and my efforts were definitely recognized.  Eventually I found my support system and became very comfortable with the team of teachers I am working with.  I know that I was not perfect and that I would change a few choices I made, but overall, I am proud of the work I did this year as a first year teacher.  Over the past few months I have been reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher and I had big plans to create amazing lessons for my next class of students.  I was truly excited about summer break not because I am burnt out, but because I wanted to get working on next years plans!

Yesterday I got some very upsetting news.  My principal informed me that the projected numbers for next school year are not high enough to warrant a fourth kindergarten, therefore, I was placed on the surplus list.  That means that if there are any openings in the district, I will be given an interview with the principals before any newbies.  My principal is hoping the numbers will go up enough for the district to add my class back on, but she wants me to weigh my options if another opportunity comes along.  I am not sure how I am feeling about this news.  I have definitely been going through some phases in my feelings.  When she first told me the news I was in shock and wasn't upset in the least.  She had told me just last month not to worry about next year!  Once the shock wore off and I told people the news I got a little nervous.  Now is not the time to lose your job!  Most people assured me that if I didn't get a job at my current school, I'd find one in the district elsewhere.  That's all fine and good, but I have my dream job and am afraid I will have to take a job that I really don't want.  After feeling nervous I became sad.  I shed a few tears once I got home but quickly changed my feelings to being overwhelmed.  I am currently packing up my house and cannot even fathom having to pack up my classroom.  I have no place to put all my teacher stuff!  I am not sure how I feel right now.  I need to stay positive so that I can continue to serve the students that I love.  I am trying not to let this news interfere with my teaching, but it is hard.

In this economy I am lucky to have found a job at all.  I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to teach these children this school year.  I have learned so much, and no matter what my future brings, the memories and lessons I have learned this year will always be close to my heart.  I am hoping to get my job back, or a job in my current school, but if God has other plans for me, I say "Bring it on!"

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

Today was a very fun (and kind of annoying) day!  Since it was April Fools day, I thought I'd better think of some jokes to play on my kids.  I was a little bit hesitant to do anything because I knew that if I started tricking them, they would continue with the jokes all day long!  When my students walked into class telling me I had bugs on my head I knew that they already knew about the April Fools tradition!  I decided to start out with a simple prank.  I got the book "Arthur's April Fools" and had the students sit down on the carpet.  I warned them not to say anything while I was reading.  I also reminded them that talking during books would result in a color change.  I picked up the book, turned it upside down and started reading it.  Immediately I heard things like "Mrs. Hainey the book," and I quickly interrupted and said "Stop talking while I'm reading."  I continued reading and had two or three other students try to tell me that the book was upside down.  I quickly scolded them and threatened to change their colors.  They didn't know what to do.  Finally by about page two or three, they started raising their hands!  They were looking at each other in disbelief!  It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  After a few pages reading upside down was making me nauseas so I called on a student who had his hand up, and he politely let me know that the book was upside down.  After that, my kids wanted to trick me all day long!  I decided that one prank just wasn't good enough so I thought up an even better one.  I told my students that the cafeteria ran out of food, so we'd be eating fried worms.  At first they didn't believe me, but after a few minutes I had several students questioning it, and some students who totally believed me.  It was hard to get them into the cafeteria because they wouldn't stop chatting about the fried worms.  When we finally got there I noticed on student in line crying.  I said "J, what's wrong?"  and he said "I don't want to eat worms!"  I told him that when he got his tray just to let the lunch lady know that he didn't want any worms.  It was HILARIOUS.  Overall it was a pretty fun day.  What made the day even better was that it was SPRING BREAK!!

This is off topic, but I found it funny.  I was wearing my school sweatshirt today, and my assistant came in wearing the same sweatshirt.  My students thought we looked like twins (my assistant is black).  One girl said "Hey, you guys look like twins exept you (my assistant) are light skinned, and you (me) are white skinned.  LOL!