Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Mystery of the Missing Duck Eggs

Today I was a complete and total jerk.  The day started off just fine.  I had a substitute assistant and a couple of my difficult students were out today.  I've been talking to my students about the duck eggs I am expecting to arrive in our classroom.  I've had to tell them that they are never allowed to touch the incubator and that they must stay quiet in our classroom so that we don't scare the eggs.  I might have told them that the ducks won't come out if we're too loud.  So I expected my eggs to be delivered either today, or tomorrow and I  was getting pretty excited.  It got to be about 12:00 and I hadn't received the eggs yet.  I decided to check the donors choose website to see if there was a tracking number.  When I clicked on the link to the project there was in fact a tracking number and the delivery date was the 6th!  Today is the 7th and so I was very upset that nobody had informed me of the egg arrival.  I called my best JPT friend and asked her to come to my room so that I could go retrieve my eggs.  I marched myself down to the office and demanded my eggs, but nobody knew anything about them.  We searched high and low for those silly eggs but could not find them.  Eventually we did an all call asking people to check their rooms for my box of eggs.  At this point I was upset, but I wasn't sure who I should be upset with!  I was pretty sure that nothing malicious was done, but I still couldn't figure out who would take a box of eggs.  The poor woman who signed for my package felt so bad!

After school was let out my dear friend MP helped me search for the eggs.  I was so upset!  The eggs were very expensive and I knew that if I didn't get them incubated immediately they probably would not develop. We looked for about half an hour before MP said " Are you sure they were delivered?"  And I said "Yes!  And they were signed for at 11:42 yesterday morning!"  MP stopped for a second and said "Let's look at the tracking one more time."  I said "Fine, but I've already looked twice!" 

We went to my room and looked at the tracking number and realized that my order was broken into two parts.  One part was the incubator and one was the eggs.  I did in fact receive the incubator, but the eggs had not even shipped yet!  I felt like a real jerk...in fact, I still feel like a jerk.  I will be apologizing to these poor people for weeks.  I may have to name my ducklings after them.

The good news is that I will get the eggs tomorrow.  Hopefully I will be forgiven and one day hold my head up high again!

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  1. I was wondering what happened. Glad to hear all is well with the ducklings and I hope you post pics of them when they arrive!