Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day was very exciting in our classroom!  It all started about a week before the holiday.  My students received a letter from a leprechaun!  Of course my students had NO idea what a leprechaun was, so sadly, I had to explain it to them.  They were so excited about that pesky leprechaun and they blamed him for EVERYTHING!  If a light bulb blew, they blamed him.  If the computers didn't work they blamed him.  If someone got hurt on the playground, they blamed him.  The ultimate goal was got get some leprechaun gold, but that tricky leprechaun left us leprechaun POOP instead!  My students were unbelievably excited about eating leprechaun poop, but they kept their eye on the prize.  After a few exchanges between the students and our leprechaun (Seamus) he actually started writing individual notes and left kids leprechaun kisses!  My students were thrilled that the leprechaun had noticed their good behavior.  He encouraged them to stay on green because clearly that is his favorite color!  Finally the big day came, it was St. Patrick's day!  I painted shamrocks on the kid's faces and we anxiously awaited for the arrival of Seamus.  The first thing he did was turn our toilet water green, and then he wished us a happy St. Patrick's day in our morning calendar.  That was very exciting!  After reading the message it was time for computer lab.  The students went off for a half an hour and when they got back our classroom was trashed and there was leprechaun confetti all over the floor!  My students could not believe their eyes.  They insisted that we make a clip for Seamus and put him directly on red!  Red is the worse color on our behavior chart.  After cleaning up our room the students did some work (yes, we do work in there) and then went on to art class and lunch.  When we got back from lunch we had the surprise of our lives!  There were pots of gold AND kisses for every student.  You would have thought those children had won the lottery.  The were cheering and shouting and wondering around in disbelief.  Finally one of them realized that the sneaky leprechaun had moved his clip to green and moved EVERYONE else to RED!  It only took about a split second for them to switch themselves back to green!  They were so loud and excited that several people stopped in my room to see what was going on!  I completely lost control of my classroom for about five minutes.

I truly think that my students are the best ever!  I get so much out of teaching them.  I hope they get as much from me!

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