Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was a very challenging day!  My students were beyond excited about Valentine's Day and therefore my morning was a little off schedule.  The students kept coming in one by one and showing me the valentines or treats that they brought in to share.  Now, I sent home a note explicitly stating that  I ONLY wanted individually wrapped treats that could be placed in bags and sent home.  I had TWO students bring in cupcakes!  These parents can't follow directions any better than their children! Aside from cards and treats, I also got some treats!  My students brought me candy, cards, and a coffee mug with a bear. Another exciting thing about today was the introduction of our two goldfish George and Gloria.  My students were oober excited and wanted to check on the fish all day long.  I had to warn the students that sometimes fish don't live long.  This was an important conversation because I had just killed four guppies in a matter of two days!  Hopefully I am a better teacher than fish owner!  As the day went on it continued to be very hectic.  I think it was worse than Christmas!  I was a patient as possible and we made it through.  My students gave me tons of hugs and kind words all day long.  One students said "Mrs. Hainey, I just love you.  You have beautiful eyes."  I just smiled and told him thanks!  I love those kids more than I ever would have imagined. 

I do have one student we'll call ZS who I am having a very hard time falling in love with.  He is the newest student in my room and he is a big pain in my rear.  I actually didn't allow him to participate in our festivities and he didn't really seem to care...UNTIL he realized that I was not going to give him his valentines bag of treats.  He cried and cried.  I did not feel the least bit bad for him.  Hopefully he will have a better day tomorrow and I will give him his bag.

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