Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Mrs. Hainey! I'm gonna tear your room up!

Today was my birthday!  My students were very excited.  I have been hyping this day up for the past month or so, and my students were eager to celebrate!  When my students walked into the classroom they bombarded me with birthday wishes and hugs.  They told me about everything they were going to give me, and they grinned from ear to ear.  Since my students thought I was 99 years old, one child asked me if I had turned 100!  I just love my students!  My friend MP started my day off with a basket of candy AND a helium balloon!  She and her roommate also made me brownies!  Throughout the day I was given many birthday wishes from students I don't even know.  I think it is so cool that kids who don't even know me got so excited about my birthday!  It also happened to be one of my student's birthdays.  I didn't mind sharing my day until...her mother and about ten other people showed up at my classroom door twenty minutes before school ended.  They had their arms full of cupcakes, icecream and gifts.  There were children EVERYWHERE!  We got through the chaos and mess with few problems.  Just as it was time to get ready to go, the mom broke the news to her girls (I have sisters in my classs) that they were to take the bus home.  One of the girls broke down and had the biggest tantrum I have ever witnessed!  She kicked and screamed and cried as if she was never going to see her mother again.  Her mother left and she still continued to have a fit!  I tried to ignore her but she started acting like she was going to run out of my room.  I told her that if she left my room I was going to call the police.  I needed to get my other students to the bus, so I asked my assistant to call the office to get some help.  While I was lining my kids up in the hall the student started to tear my room apart!  I was beyond angry.  The office was able to stop her mother on the way to her car and made her come get the student.  When the mom arrived I said " Your daughter just tore my room up!"  I was not smiling.  The mother LAUGHED and said "I'm sorry Mrs. Hainey, I know it's not funny.  I'm gonna tear her up when she gets home".  I was so pissed that she laughed.  I got right in that childs face and told her that she had better not act like that in my class again.  Since it was my birthday I decided to vent my frustrations to another teacher and let it go.  I had such a great birthday that I didn't want to let one spoiled child ruin my day.

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