Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Most Stressful Day Ever!

This morning started out just like any other morning.  I got up at 5:15 and left the house for work at 6:15.  I walked into my classroom at 6:30 and BLAM!  The stress had begun.  Upon walking into my room I see that my fish tanks are VERY cloudy and one of the air pumps completely stopped working.  Now, let me give you a brief background of the situation.  I was out of school yesterday for professional development and one of my co-workers found that my air pump was not working AND that one of my goldfish was dead (big surprise, right?).  She decided to be helpful and put the living goldfish with the guppies.  Since that is not a good idea I immediately called her and told her to put the goldfish back in his bowl.  A lot more happened, but that is the most important for you to know.  Okay, so I walk into my room and see a cloudy mess in the goldfish tank AND the guppy tank.  Since the guppy tank was messed with the filter was all out of place and there wasn't enough water in the tank.  I could literally feel the stress balling up in my chest.  I tried to take care of the fish situation the best I could and then moved on to the next fiasco.  The very kind and helpful sub stacked all of my chairs.  I suppose she thought she was helping, but all it did was create more work for me.  Moving on I could not find the book of the week.  I had no idea where the sub placed it and it took me a very long time to find it.  I spent my whole preparation time looking for books, tending to fish, and setting up chairs.  By the time my students came into the room at 7:15 I was a mess.  I thought my chest was going to explode!

 Thankfully, they had special areas at 7:30 and that gave me a little more time to get my morning work ready.  The kids drove me crazy all day.  I knew that it was partly my fault because I was in such a bad mood, but I just felt like they wouldn't stay still or be quiet!  I decided that I needed to come up with a math activity that would take a long time and keep them busy.  Cutting ALWAYS takes a long time, so since we are doing measurement I thought they could trace their feet, cut the template, and measure their feet with blocks.  I was sure this would take at least 45 minutes...I was very wrong.  It took them about 10 minutes!  I could not believe it.  

As you know, I have been selected to get a Smart Table.  YAY, right?  Well, that means I need to make room for the table in my tiny little classroom.  The table is coming tomorrow and I have very few outlets in my room.  Earlier today I found out that I am also receiving an incubator tomorrow.  YAY, right?  Well guess what?  That also needs to be plugged in and I need to find room for that as well!  So my dear friend and mentor MD came into my room to "help" me.  The problem was that I was already very overwhelmed.  My other dear friend CH and her wonderful assistant also came in to help.  I appreciate their effort, but it was all just too much for me to handle and I didn't end up changing much.  My anxiety had peaked, and I wasn't sure my poor heart could take it.

This may not sound so bad to anybody else, but for some reason I was just beyond stressed.  I still have a little tightness in my chest, but I feel a zillion times better.  Sometimes being a teacher just stresses me out!

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