Friday, January 21, 2011


I have a student that is frustrating me beyond belief.  She seems to have learned almost nothing so far this year.  She cannot identify most alphabet letter, numbers, colors, or shapes.  She cannot count past six or seven.  She just recently learned to write her names but she still can't always identify the letters in her name.  I've worked with her in small groups, individually, got her a tutor, and send her to the interventionist.  Nothing seems to work.  She is very hard working and truly wants to learn and so I keep on trying. 

Yesterday I decided to start small and work on the color red.  I took an index card and wrote with a red marker the word red.  I also drew a red blob on the card.  I handed her the card and told her that we needed to find everything red in the school.  I pointed to the red blob and said "B this is the color red.  What color is it?"  She replied "Red".  So off we went.  She pointed to several red items in the hallway before I realized that she was finding red items, but wasn't calling them red.  So I said to her " What color are we looking for?"  She said "Green".  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  So I calmly said "No B, this is the color red.  We are looking for things that are red".  So we continued to find things that are red and I made sure that she identified the objects as red.  After about ten minutes I said "Ok, what color are we looking for?" And she said "Green".  THREE times she told me that we were looking for things that are green!

Our walk ended for the day but by the end of the year this child WILL be able to identify the color red!


  1. hi kathleen!
    it's tiffany!
    nothing is more frustrating than a student who just can't get it... who we work with constantly and try every which way... but, it doesn't work.
    i'm sorry.
    we had a student like that and she, recently, went to a vision therapist. (not an ordinary eye doctor) the therapist discovered that her eyes are not working together, which was causing her to not see her work properly. she now attend vision therepy sessions and has corrective glasses and is able to actually see her work and is making progress.
    maybe your student has a similar problem?

  2. Thanks for understanding! This poor girl is low in EVERYTHING! I refuse to give up on her! I just need to find a new way to meet her needs!

  3. My daughter went to a vision therapist also. I noticed she was having trouble reading, but her vision was fine. Somewhere down the line I found out about vision therapy. She had huge problems with tracking, where we see the word "cat" she could see "c", have to find that "c" again, find the "a", then go back and find the "ca" to find the "t" then put it all together to form "cat". You can see how exhausting that is.
    Good luck.

  4. I haven't quite figured her out yet. She is scheduled to have an academic screening. I think her problem might just be lack of parental involvement :(