Thursday, January 13, 2011

Losing The Kids You Love

I work in a very transient school and I was warned that kids would come and go.  I didn't realize the emotional effect it would have on me.  I have noticed that most teachers celebrate when they find out that they are losing a students.  I sometimes wonder if I am the only teacher who is truly attached to her students.  I have lost three students so far, but one of them brought me to tears.  On the very first day of school TW walked into my room bawling!  I thought it was because it was his first day of kindergarten and he was scared, but I quickly learned that TW was a tantrumer!  It didn't help that the poor kid could hardly speak and had hearing loss that was not being taken care of.  This child threw huge tantrums, refused to follow directions when he didn't get his way, hit other children, and wiggled his way into my heart. Teachers would comment about him all the time.  They would say things like "better you than me" or "Someone needs to get a belt out", but I always felt that he needed me.  I loved that naughty child!  One afternoon I took him to the office for striking another child.  It just so happened that his guardian was in the office withdrawing him from school.  I was devestated and immediately began to cry.  Teachers said "I bet you're glad to get rid of him"  or "It's about time", but I was feeling a deep sense of loss.  I love my students and losing each one is difficult, but losing this one was the most difficult so far.

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