Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Days In The South

Because I am from the north, snow is not such a big deal to me.  Southerners are not so used to the snow, and it is a big deal!  Last Monday we got a snow storm and got about six inches of accumulation.  The roads were slippery and dangers, so we had a snow day.  I didn't bring any work home with me and therefore had nothing to do but lounge around my house and cuddle up with my couch.  That night the news announced that Tuesday would also be a snow day.  Since the state doesn't own many plows and has little road salt, many of the side streets were still fairly dangerous and there was a fear of black ice.  I was ok with that, but I found myself very bored!  I actually "braved" the roads and brought lunch to my husband at work.  The roads were perfectly fine, and for the most part they were dry.  That evening it was announced that Wednesday would also be a snow day.  I was dumbfounded.  Apparently many people were still fearful of black ice.  I immediately made plans with several co-workers for lunch.  We had a great time at lunch and we discussed our prediction for the following days school schedule.  The roads were completely dry and there was no doubt in my mind that school would be opened for business!  That night around 8:00 it was declared that we would have a two hour delay!  YAY!  I could handle a two hour delay.  The next morning I slept in an extra two hours and went to work.  What I couldn't understand was how a two hour delay was even helpful.  The temperature at 9:00 was still below freezing, so how was it any safer than it was at 7:00?  I got to work and people were hooting and holloring about school not being closed and I just kept my mouth shut (for the most part).  I only had twelve students show up, and we had a pretty relaxed day.  The kids were so excited to tell me all that they did during their very long weekend.  It's amazing how magical snow is to young children.  I was really happy to be back to work.  Today we had another pointless two hour delay, but I enjoyed the extra sleep and the stress free day that comes with a two hour delay.

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